We Service all Watercraft, ATV & UTV New & Old  2-stroke and 4-stroke. Yamaha – Kawasaki – Polaris – Sea-Doo – Honda – Tigershark – Wet-Jet

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Don’t get fooled by the dealerships. Our rates are lower due to less Over-Head. We offer the same service’s as larger dealers with far better Customer service and support.

We can take care of all your service work, body work, and performance modifications. With over 15 years in the Powersports industry, we can get the job done.

Jet Ski Repair, Service and Parts Located in Maryville, TN

Complete Watercraft Service

From old school 550’s to modern day supercharged 4 strokes.We have the knowledge and experience to get your Watercraft running at its best. We have been in the PWC industry for over 15 years servicing, building and riding all forms of Watercraft. We service all brands of Jet Ski’s including Yamaha Kawasaki Honda Polaris and Sea Doo.

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The Right Service: Experience Matters

With Thousands of Watercraft Under our belt And Years of Service in the Powersports industry, We Have the skills and Knowledge to Get you back on the water quickly and at an Affordable Rate.


From Gel-Coat Repair to Full Engine Rebuild’s We can Get the job Done

All Watercraft manufacturers recommend service intervals as early as 10 hours up to every 100 hours or once a year. It is Vital that you follow the Manufacture Recommend Service interval for your Personal Watercraft to ensure proper operation and longevity.


The pump of any Watercraft is usually the most neglected area of a Jetski. Cavitation issues from a damaged wear-ring or pump liner, Impeller damage from rocks and cavitation, drive-line damage and worn parts will cause a slipping effect compared to a slipping clutch in a vehicle. Driveline maintenance is just as important as engine maintenance.

  • Pump Housings                                                                    
  • Pump Rebuild Kits
  • Pump Liners/ Wear Rings
  • Impellers
  • Drive Shafts
  • Mid Shafts
  • Bearing Carriers
  • Carbon Seals
We offer rebuilds as an option to motor replacement when your ski has running issues from mechanical failure. Low compression, worn bearing, ring damage, crank seals, and gasket failures are some common issues. We can rebuild your motor to perform at its best.

  • Cylinder Replacment
  • Top-End Kits
  • Gasket Kits
  • Sleeve Replacement
  • Cylinder Boring/Honing
  • Big Bore Kits
  • Valve Train Repair
  • Crankshaft’s
Our diagnostics are second to none. We have been diagnosing running issue’s on watercraft for over 15 years. We listen to the customer as to what problems they are having and diagnose the issue. We will be able to determine the repairs needed after a short inspection and possibly a lake test to confirm. No matter what issue your Watercraft is having we will be able to determine the problem at no cost to you.

  • Electrical
  • Pump/Cavitation
  • Fuel System
  • Hull / Gel-Coat
  • Turbo and Supercharger
  • Compression and Top-End
  • Modification’s
  • Computer Diagnostics

On-Site Service

Service, Repairs and Transport Available.

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