8th March 8,

SeaDoo 4-Tec Burning Oil and Smoking

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We had a SeaDoo RXT Jet Ski come in this week for a new motor! We found the oil level an inch or more above the high mark on the dipstick. We also observed oil inside the intake boot attached to the supercharger, after removing the intake we found oil inside the intake that was [...]

22nd February 22,

Knoxville | Sea-Doo | Yamaha | Kawasaki | Polaris

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We are ready for another amazing year. We are starting this year off with an amazing outlook and ready to take on the Service world !!!  

8th February 8,

Seadoo Fuel Delivery Problems

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Do you have any of these symptoms on your Carbureted 2-stroke engine?  - No response when applying throttle. - Ski rev's when out of the water but will not in the water. - Bogging when going from idle to full throttle - Surging of revs - Intermittent or sudden cutting out of engine after planning off or applying [...]

12th January 12,

Sea-Doo RXP Oil Leak

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We got a 2006 Sea-doo in with an oil leak under the motor. The customer had the supercharger worked on at a dealership locally and the oil leak was not present before. We found out the supercharger washer retainer nut had been over torqued and failed under load.The oil leak was caused by a missing [...]