23rd February 23,

Destroyed Sea-Doo Supercharger Impeller

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Bearing failure on the supercharger caused the impeller shaft to wobble and the impeller to rub against the hausing. The ski had less than 100 hours. :-/

13th January 13,

SeaDoo Supercharger Gear In the Case

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Found this little guy in the case of today's build. The supercharger shaft was bent and the gear on the supercharger was missing, flywheel teeth destroyed. The customer claims the supercharger was rebuilt less than 10 hours before with an OEM Seadoo Kit.

15th April 15,

SeaDoo Supercharger Rebuild Service

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There are 3 primary reasons to rebuild your supercharger: Prevent bearing failure. The impeller spins up to speeds of 50,000 RPM, and the bearings are rated at 2 years or 100 hours. Prevent washer failure. As the clutch wears, inducing additional friction and heat to the washers, which can cause a catastrophic failure. Restore Lost Performance. When the [...]