30th January 30,

Sea-Doo Cavitation Problems

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Cavitation Explained The image above represents the same principle in pump cavitation “As water slips around the propellers of a boat, there are places where it experiences sudden, extreme loss of pressure "cavitation". The propeller is making a ‘hole'” in the water, and the more powerful that the propeller is the more water [...]

23rd February 23,

Destroyed Sea-Doo Supercharger Impeller

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Bearing failure on the supercharger caused the impeller shaft to wobble and the impeller to rub against the housing. The ski had less than 100 hours. :-/

2nd April 2,

Spring Special on all Watercraft

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All 4 Stroke Watercraft 125.00$ ( Oil change with filter and Spark Plugs) All 2 Stroke Watercraft 60.00$ All Spring service's get a complete inspection and general maintenance. Lake Ready!!   #seadoo #Yamaha #watercraft #repair #service #honda #polaris #spring

8th February 8,

Seadoo GEL-Coat Restoration

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A recent Sea-Doo Brought in for faded gel-coat.Good as new !!!

12th January 12,

Yamaha Superjet Carburetors

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We had a ski come in with bogging issue's. After inspecting the carb's we found the issue.The pop off spring was installed incorrectly. The carburetor also had bad gas and debris in both carburetors. Yamaha Superjet Carburetors