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Diagnostics goes beyond a simple connection to a laptop with a readout. Its takes years of experience with an extensive knowledge of 2 stroke and 4 stroke mechanics to properly diagnose a Personal Watercraft. There are countless variables that can lead to multiple issues with any Jet ski. We not only use computer diagnostics to analyze Personal Watercraft we understand the mechanics and theory behind the machine. Understanding and Knowledge of Watercraft ultimately leads to savings for our customers. Our diagnostics consist of:

  • Complete Inspection of Watercraft

  • Compression Check

  • Fuel and Fuel System Components

  • Pump and Drive Line Inspection

  • Electrical Systems with Battery Test

  • Computer Diagnostics if needed

  • Lake Test with Running Condition

  • Pump and Drive Line Inspection

Jet Ski’s are more advanced today than ever. Modern Watercraft are built with on-board computers to control engine parameters and functions. These parameters include fuel injection, engine timing, spark and other vital components. The on-board computer also stores trouble codes (fault codes) with detail event data from various sensors. When the computer detects any of the inputs to be out of range, it will flash the Check Engine on your display and set a trouble code.

This is where the use of advanced Diagnostic Equipment that interfaces with your vessels onboard computer comes into play. It is essential to access the on-board computer for access of trouble codes that may be stored. These trouble codes will give indication as to what could be troubling your PWC and give us accurate diagnosis into your drivability concern.

The Scan Diagnostic equipment is also used for activating a new MPEM, and also is used for programming a new, or additional keys on a Sea Doo. We currently have the ability to scan/ Diagnose Sea-Doo, Yamaha, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Hydrospace PWC Watercraft.

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