Pump and Driveline

superjet pump

One of the most neglected areas of a Watercraft is the pump and Impeller. Think of the pump and impeller as the tires and transmission of a car. If the transmission is slipping or you have bald tire’s then things won’t happen even with the motor at 100%

Wear Ring

One of the most common component failures on Sea-Doo Watercraft is the wear ring. The wear ring is a sacrificial ring around the impeller. Once debris, gravel or that hidden ski rope gets sucked into the pump the wear ring takes the damage. When the wear ring is damaged it will slip or “cavitate”. We change hundreds of wear rings every season and this is a common failure.

seadoo pump

Carbon Seal, Bearing Carrier, and Midshaft

All skis have a driveshaft through hull component. Sea-Doo utilizes a bearing carrier on older 2 stroke models and an updated Carbon seal on newer Watercraft. The carbon seal and bearing carrier can become weak and fail, this will cause the Watercraft to take in water and also cause severe cavitation. The carbon seal and carrier can leak and once the ski is underway will cause air to leak into the pump cavity around the driveshaft.


carbon seal

Sea-Doo Driveline

  • 2-stroke pump oil Change with a pressure test.
  • Wear ring replacement.
  • Impeller reconditioning
  • Impeller replacement
  • Pump Replacement
  • Driveshaft condition and service
  • Carbon seal inspection and replacment

Yamaha Driveline

  • Midshaft inspection and replacement
  • Driveshaft Service
  • Pump and impeller Service
  • Cavitation issues
  • Coupler replacement
  • Yamaha pump cavity Kits