Sea Doo Key Replacement or Lost Key


Lost Sea-Doo Keys can easily be replaced or reprogramed if lost. Things happen and keys get lost. No worries we can reprogram your Sea-doo. We charge 1/2 and hour labor and the price of the key, around 65$.

How the keys work

The Seadoo key is made up of two parts, a magnet, and a ROM chip. The magnet is what signals the jet ski to power on and read the ROM chip. The ROM chip contains a certain amount of digits. This combination of digits can make up a million different combinations of numbers. The number that is stored on the chip never changes. When a dealership programs the key to the watercraft what they’re actually doing is telling the watercraft is that its okay to let these certain digits start this watercraft. It also tells the watercraft what kind of key it should be, whether it’s a “normal” or “learning” key. So really the important stuff is stored on the watercraft. You usually have about 8 spots or allow to store 8 keys to one watercraft. If the key is removed the magnet is not there to keep the magnetic switch closed so the watercraft shuts off.

As you can see above from how a key works, you can’t simply duplicate a key like you would a car. One key has a completely different string of numbers than the next key and they can’t be changed because they’re hard-coded into the key.

Can You Bypass a SeaDoo Key

Yes, and No, you can not manually bypass any Sea-Doo with a DESS key. There is no way to hotwire or temporarily bypass the key system. The Yes part only works if the ski has been programmed to disable the DESS key portion in the M.P.E.M. The other way to get around the DESS system on Sea-doo is to buy a new aftermarket MPEM that has the key function disabled. This only works on pre-programmed units.

Can I Program My Learning Key as a Normal Key?

If you lost your normal key and still have the learning key we can program them to a normal or learning version.

If you have 2 Seadoo’s you can actually program them alike. We can program both keys to work on either unit.