In the mid-1990s, SeaDoo began to manufacture jet skis with the DESS Key Security System. The DESS Key Security system, or Digitally Encoded Security System, is a lanyard containing a computer chip with a unique numeric code that the owner connects to the dess post on their jet ski in order to grante access to start and operate it. In other words, it works just like your car’s key fob, allowing you to enter your car or jet ski, in this case, so you can start the engine and drive it. Like your car’s key fob, the DESS key (lanyard) will only work on your jet ski and no one else’s.

Why did SeaDoo decide to manufacture jet skis with the DESS Key Security System? Because before the mid-1990s, anybody could hop on any jet ski and take it, no DESS key required. So, SeaDoo decided to distinguish themselves in the marketplace with this added security feature.

Trouble is, mistakes happen. DESS keys get lost, either accidentally or as a result of pranks, theft, etc. Or, you may have purchased a used SeaDoo jet ski and the previous owner lost the DESS key. Regardless of the reason for the loss, you’ll have to obtain a new one and have it programmed to your jet ski’s onboard computer. In the past, this meant a trip to the dealer to have a new DESS key programmed. But not anymore.

We Can program a new or used Sea-Doo Key for all 2 stroke and 4 stroke Sea-Doo watercraft