Sea Doo Spark Drive Shaft Splines

spark splines

Seadoo driveline

We have had several Sea doo sparks come in over the past 2 years with driveline issues. Most issues are related to pump damage and PTO spline damage. Sea doo spark utilized a plastic wear ring without any supporting structure around the wear ring. The drive shaft splines also see a lot of wear with stripped splines. On the PTO end “rear of motor” the grease boot and spacer fail without warning causing the driveshaft to strip and the PTO coupler to strip.

seadoo spark drive shaft

Missing wear ring

seadoo spark pump

PTO Coupler

Pre 2016 Model Sea-doo sparks driveline”pto” coupler was machined to the crankshaft and was unserviceable. Starting in 2016 Sea-doo incorporated a removable coupler to combat the issue with stripped splines. Unfortunately before 2016 if the coupler was damaged the motor would have to be broken down and the crankshaft replaced! This is a costly and time-consuming repair.

spark crank