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Sea-Doo Supercharger Service

seadoo supercharger

There are 3 primary reasons to rebuild your supercharger:

  1. Prevent bearing failure. The impeller spins up to speeds of 50,000 RPM, and the bearings are rated at 2 years or 100 hours.

  2. Prevent washer failure. As the clutch wears, inducing additional friction and heat to the washers, which can cause a catastrophic failure.

  3. Restore Lost Performance. When the clutch slips, the supercharger isn’t able to make full boost, thus robbing your engine of performance.

Sea-Doo Supercharger Rebuild Service

We charge 1 hour service for all supercharger rebuilds that are mailed in plus the price of the supercharger kit. With ongoing logistic / shipping issues prices very. Give us a call to get an exact current quote.

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