The 2015 boating season is here. As you are taking your beloved Sea-Doo watercraft or Waverunner out of hibernation there are some technical aspects that may need attention. Your battery is where it all starts (or doesn’t start) and batteries can and do lose their ability to maintain a charge over time. But, there is another crucial component that can also lose its charge, your mandatory fire extinguisher. We tested over 30 fire extinguishers this week and most all where bad ! 0004787140163_500X500The beginning of the season is the time to check both of these essential items your battery and fire extinguisher can lose their charge over the winter months of inactivity. you may ask, “why?” Why do I need a fire extinguisher on a watercraft when I am going to be surrounded by water? That is a fair question. The answer is you never know what can happen during a day of boating. If something were to happen where there was an open flame while you were riding you would be able to extinguish it. Having a fully charged fire extinguisher on board can also be very helpful when encountering another vessel with an open flame situation.