30th January 30,

Sea-Doo Cavitation Problems

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Cavitation Explained The image above represents the same principle in pump cavitation “As water slips around the propellers of a boat, there are places where it experiences sudden, extreme loss of pressure "cavitation". The propeller is making a ‘hole'” in the water, and the more powerful that the propeller is the more water [...]

8th March 8,

SeaDoo 4-Tec Burning Oil and Smoking

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SeaDoo 4-Tec Burning Oil and Smoking We had a Sea-Doo RXT Jet Ski come in this week for a new motor! We found the oil level an inch or more above the high mark on the dipstick. We also observed oil inside the intake boot attached to the supercharger, after removing the intake [...]

10th May 10,

95 seadoo xp running lean

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A common issue with 2 stroke Sea doo watercraft is missing or brittle oil line's. Check oil Line's every season or replace. All older Sea-Doo 2 stroke Watercraft need to have the oil line's inspected every year. Better would be to replace the old line's. After a few yers of use [...]

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