6th February 6,

Aftermarket Sea-Doo Starter Vs O.E.M

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Aftermarket Seadoo Starter Vs O.E.M Why aftermarket starters maybe a bad choice. First off the original Sea-doo starter was designed for the engine and model it was put into. The majority of Sea-doo related starter issues are from "water damage" or just plain worn out. 80% of 2 stroke watercraft that come [...]

5th February 5,

Sea Doo Ticking Noise when you Press the Start Button?

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Ticking Noise when you Press the Start Button on your Waverunner? Replace the Solenoid! The starter solenoid (sometimes also called a “starter relay”) is wired between your start button, the starter, and your battery. When you press the start button, the solenoid “closes” the connection between the battery and the starter, which [...]

8th February 8,

Seadoo Fuel Delivery Problems

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Do you have any of these symptoms on your Carbureted 2-stroke engine?  - No response when applying throttle. - Ski rev's when out of the water but will not in the water. - Bogging when going from idle to full throttle - Surging of revs - Intermittent or sudden cutting out of engine after planning off or applying [...]

2nd April 2,

Spring Special on all Watercraft

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All 4 Stroke Watercraft 125.00$ ( Oil change with filter and Spark Plugs) All 2 Stroke Watercraft 60.00$ All Spring service's get a complete inspection and general maintenance. Lake Ready!!   #seadoo #Yamaha #watercraft #repair #service #honda #polaris #spring

28th February 28,

Ethanol Gas in Watercraft

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  Ethanol Gas in Watercraft.   Phase Separation describes what happens to gasoline containing Ethanol when water is present. When gasoline containing even small amounts of Ethanol comes in contact with water, either liquid or in the form of humidity; the Ethanol will pick-up and absorb some or all of that water. When it reaches [...]

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