19th February 19,

Yamaha 62t Block off plates / leak down plates available.

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Yamaha 62t Block off plates / leak down plates. 6061 Aluminum plates CNC machined in house. Anodized and powder-coated. https://www.ebay.com/itm/115257508327

11th February 11,

Yamaha 760 Electrical issue’s ~ Engine Seizing

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Yamaha 760 Electrical issue's ~ Engine Seizing Electrical Diagnostic A Yamaha 760 was brought in recently with electrical issues. The customer stated the ski would charge and stay running when "they thought" the battery or another component would lose connection, after setting it would start back and operate properly for a [...]

5th February 5,

Sea Doo Ticking Noise when you Press the Start Button?

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Ticking Noise when you Press the Start Button on your Waverunner? Replace the Solenoid! The starter solenoid (sometimes also called a “starter relay”) is wired between your start button, the starter, and your battery. When you press the start button, the solenoid “closes” the connection between the battery and the starter, which [...]

28th January 28,

Yamaha Fx Cruiser Engine Failure

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Yamaha Fxcruiser engine failure We found a check valve in the oil sump was installed incorrectly causing oil to be restricted to the engine and water intrusion after sinking the ski. The front piston was hydro locked and the engine was started. Shortly after the Waverunner was started water was forced into the intake [...]

25th April 25,

Yamaha vx110 Gasket leak

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Yamaha vx110 Gasket leak We had a Ski come in with the front 2 spark plug grommets siliconed down to prevent water from leaking out of the head of the motor into the hull ! Motor now has 2 bad cylinders and will need to be rebuilt.

23rd February 23,

Yamaha Gpr1200 catalytic converter failure

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Yamaha gp1200r catalytic converter fails and the inner mesh travels to the rear of the exhaust causing a restriction in exhaust flow and overheating. This can also lead to severe engine damage. Installing a D-plate removes the old catalytic converter and provides less restriction.

12th January 12,

Yamaha Superjet Carburetors

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We had a ski come in with bogging issue's. After inspecting the carb's we found the issue.The pop off spring was installed incorrectly. The carburetor also had bad gas and debris in both carburetors. Yamaha Superjet Carburetors