top end pistons

We offer Top End Rebuild Kits and Service

We offer O.E.M and Aftermarket Components for rebuilds. All off our Top-End service’s include honing and machine work to ensure proper fitment to OEM spec’s.

We find the root cause of the failure before performing any service work to ensure the failure has been addressed and your Jet ski will run Properly.

Machine Shop Services

  • Cylinder Hone
  • Cylinder Over Bore
  • Sleeve Replacement
  • Cylinder Replacement (New & Used )

Quality Piston Kits & Gaskets

  • Pro-x
  • Wiseco
  • SBT
  • O.E.M
  • WSM


All of our Top End Rebuilds are ran for a minimum of 1 hour for initial break in, we perform a water test to verify engine performance, as well as check for leaks. After the water test, we finalize with a compression check to assure proper repair.