Carburetor Rebuild Service

pwc carb

Our mail-in Carburetor service is exactly the same as bringing in your Watercraft for a fuel system Service minus the ski. We completely break your carburetors down and inspect every component for proper operation. After breaking down and inspection, we clean the body with either Vapor honing, an Ultrasonic bath, Fiber laser, or a combination of traditional cleaning methods to ensure every cavity and component is clean.

After cleaning we install OEM kits including OEM needle and seats. The after-market kits fail consistently. Once installed we check every component for proper operation and set the carb to factory specs. The pop-off pressure is checked and adjusted to factory settings also.

ALL fuel lines and accelerator fuel lines are replaced and clamped with otiker clamps.


Simply ship in your Carburetors and include your contact info inside the box for return shipping and billing.

 Our turn around time is 2-3 days. We ship back with FedEx or USPS unless requested otherwise.

3709 Big Springs ridge rd Friendsville,Tn 37737


Currently, the cost equals 100$ per carb plus shipping.

Dual Carbs = 200$ and so on.

Gaskets and extra component requests are added on.

We will send an invoice to your phone or email when completed and follow up with a tracking number.

A carburetor rebuild service involves disassembling, cleaning, and rebuilding a carburetor to restore its performance and efficiency. This service is typically performed when the carburetor is not functioning properly, such as when it is clogged or has parts that are worn out.

The process of rebuilding a carburetor typically involves the following steps:

  1. Remove the carburetor from the vehicle and disassemble it into its individual components.
  2. Clean all the parts of the carburetor using a solvent or degreaser to remove any dirt, grime, or debris.
  3. Inspect all the parts of the carburetor for wear or damage, and replace any worn or damaged parts with new ones.
  4. Reassemble the carburetor, making sure all the parts are installed correctly and in the correct order.
  5. Test the carburetor to ensure it is functioning properly, and make any necessary adjustments.

A carburetor rebuild service can help restore the performance and efficiency of a carburetor, improving the overall performance of the vehicle. It is typically best to have this service performed by a trained professional with experience rebuilding carburetors.